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Gerard Masih

Gerard Masih’s credo is God, his family, and hunting, in that order. Gerard stands firm in his faith for God which guides his actions and gives him the strength to be a good father, husband, and son. Gerard has been blessed to become a game hunter extraordinaire who not only enjoys the sport, but is passionate about sharing the gospel at the same time. Gerard shares the message of hope we have in Christ while connecting with others through sport and nature.

Gerard is also passionate about educating others about hunting and freeing the sport of the stigma it has unjustly attained. Many spectators have a misconception that hunting is nothing more than the act of pulling a trigger to end an animal‘s life. Gerard educates individuals about the benefits of hunting and how it aids in the conservation of these animals. One of Gerard’s favorite aspects of the hunt is bringing home the meat to his family and enjoying a hearty family dinner. These family dinners have become an avenue for Gerard and his loved ones to remain close in an era in which most families do not participate in family meals. Gerard has two sons that he looks forward to seeing enter the sport of game hunting when they are old enough to participate. In the meantime, his boys enjoy great meat and Dad telling them stories of adventure of the great outdoors.

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