Supply Drop – Complete Collection of 7 Flavors

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Our Reload Supply Drop is a complete set that includes one of each of our 7 seasoning blends:
  Fully Loaded Premium Signature Blend 5.1 oz/10.2 oz
  Double Action Sweet & Smoky Blend 5.9 oz/11.8 oz
  Packin’ Heat Premium Spicy Blend 3.8 oz/7.6 oz
  High Caliber Chipotle Garlic Blend 4.7 oz/9.4 oz
  Magnum Steak & Chop Blend 5 oz/10 oz
  Ballistic Everything Bagel Blend 5.2 oz/10.2 oz
  Full Metal Jacket Smoky & Savory Blend 5.7 oz/11 oz

Supply Drop Sizes

Large Size Bottles, Regular Size Bottles


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